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Who we are

ACME literally means a state of being highly developed or the point at which something is at its best and we extend the same to our stakeholders and clients. ACME is a partnership firm into consulting businesses, we are based in Kolkata; but are offering our services all around Indian subcontinent. We strive for enabling our clients to achieve what they aspire for by unlocking their optimum potential and empowering them with our innovative and impactful think-tank. We believe that with our expertise, you will be able to nurture and develop a system that will empower and enable you to achieve your dreams. That’s how the tag line of “Our Minds…Your Dreams…” comes from. We are a team of dynamic and versatile group of professionals who collectively believe in adding value to our clients on professional level and create positive experiences.

What we do

We are a Strategic and Business Consulting firm with our wings spread into various growth oriented performance segments like Human Capital Development to Political Consulting. With our vast industry experience and analytical skills; we highlight the key areas of improvement in your organization in no time. This in return, allows us to offer you expert advice and solutions, to get your organization set on the right track. We offer a full evaluation report, which offers our clients a step by step protocol on how to tackle critical issues. Not only our insight, knowledge, and system of guidance, but our pragmatic approach and innovative thinking set us apart from others. We offer our clients much more than a one off solution. We work with them every step of the way, to ensure that not only the best is achieved, but also to ensure that the results are sustainable and aid to long term growth.

Who we work with

We serve varied range of organizations and institutes from private, public, to the social sectors. It does not matter if you are a political party looking for someone to take over your next election campaign; a transport corporation looking for new source of revenues; a medical corporation evaluating its strategies; an automobile dealership looking for a turnaround in your profitability matrix or a startup looking to kick start your business in the market. Together, we will be opening doors to new opportunities every day.

How we do it

When we take you on as a client, we become a part of your team and we ensure that we maintain a consistent approach towards developing employees and processes regardless of all the challenges and hurdles. We develop our solutions with the edge of practical implementation orientation keeping in mind each of your requirements. Our solutions are often highly customized and designed keeping in mind of our clients’ requirements as well as their strengths. We believe in playing on your strengths and bringing out the best to suit your aspirations.  

We believe in working together to empower you achieve your dreams, which is why we practice “Our Minds, Your Dreams” policy.


We take pride in the relationships we foster with our clients