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We at ACME Consulting offer a wide variety of services, here is a brief introduction of our services.

Management Consulting

Here in we help businesses improve their performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things. We believe in helping you achieve your dreams, with the help of our expertise and knowledge base. Our management consulting services provides guidance and assistance to our clients to improve the performance of their organizations. We analyze, evaluate and understand the gap areas by thoroughly and closely interacting with the team on the ground which actually is the subject to the gap and requires the improvement most. We also do a pyramid down analysis which helps us finding how the other levels of the organization can act as a catalyst to the change desired. This approach gives us first-hand information and helps us to work out better ways and means to optimize performances. These consulting services are offered to the senior and mid to senior management, with the aim of improving the effectiveness of the organization's performance, device better business strategy, and improved operational process.   This hands-on approach gives us an in-depth understanding of the issue and the related grey areas. Once those are understood and identified; we prepare appropriate solution and interventions and means of implementing them. This plan consists of the changes that the organization needs to make to help achieve the organizational goal and objective. With the help of our management consulting services, we work towards helping you achieve a better growth oriented process driven future for your organization.

HR Consulting

Our services in HR solutions are aimed at providing tangible benefits to our clients and include end-to-end solutions.
  1. Strategic HRM: Strategic human resource management is the practice of attracting, developing, rewarding, and retaining employees for the benefit of both the employees as individuals and the organization as a whole.
  2. HR Audit & Systems Review: is a comprehensive method (or means) to review current human resource policies, procedures, documentation and systems to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function as well as to assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.
  3. Job Evaluation: Is a systematic way of determining the value/worth of a job in relation to other jobs in an organization. It tries to make a systematic comparison between jobs to assess their relative worth for the purpose of establishing a rational pay structure.
  4. Competency Mapping:  Is a process of identifying key competencies for an organization and/or a job and incorporating those competencies throughout the various processes (i.e. job evaluation, training, recruitment) of the organization
  5. PMS: A performance management system, sometimes referred to as a PMS, is the process that a company uses to appraise and recognize its personnel. A company with a properly executed performance management system can improve employee morale, increase productivity and retain its top workers.
  6. Employee Handbook & Induction Manual: An employee handbook, sometimes also known as an employee manual, or company policy manual, is a book given to employees by an employer. Usually, the employee handbook contains information about company policies and procedures.

Human Capital Development

Human Capital is asserted to be the most important element of success in business today. Developing human capital requires creating and cultivating environments in which human beings can rapidly learn and apply new ideas, competencies, skills, behaviors and attitudes. Our Human Capital Development team assists Organizations to create opportunities for people and create shared understanding, explore new ideas and apply them. The tools for creating these opportunities include training, facilitation, coaching and consulting. The focus is on meeting the needs of learner and organization alike. Generally this is a 15 to 45 day process, during which participants are trained, assessed, and certified. Human Capital Development services are open to organizations that wish to train and keep their employees updated on the latest trends and sustainable skills. These skill development workshops are held at a location provided by the client.   We are currently offering three models of our Human Capital Development program:
  1. The Workshop Model: In the first one, we consult with the organization to understand performance gaps in terms of KSA (Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes), do a TNA (Training Need Analysis), develop the content, run a pilot project, fine tune it (if required) and then roll out delivery from start to end. We also provide test scores in terms of knowledge assessment and also skill assessment and provide a honest feedback.
  2. The Master Trainer Model: Our second model is for organizations who would like to set up their own in house training team. Here we study the members of the training team, conduct assessments using structured parameters, present the areas of improvement to management and then we develop specialized and customized content and roll out the Master Trainer Program. We also certify them on the parameters. Going forward, these master trainers from the team would henceforth be capable of creating further trainers as required.
  3. The Sales/Service Academy Model: One of the vital business challenges today is on account of manpower – Getting the right manpower, engaging them and finally retaining them so that sales and service are consistent and achieves growth. Our third model deals with creating a structured, workable and cost effective business model to ensure that supply of right manpower is readily available, motivated and is retained for a longer span of time in the organization. We create the in house Sales or Service Academy for Organizations, for a negligible percentage of your total manpower costs and deliver it to you. Further we also train your selected team to operate the same and in the process create value for your organization in terms of brand building, social objectives, cost control & attrition control.

Corporate L&D (learning and development)

Corporate Learning and Development focuses on helping employees learn new skills that will help them stay on the top. These skills ensure that the employees are productive and motivated and able to perform to their optimum in the organizations which ensures the desired results. With our Corporate L&D services we ensure that your employees are getting the most relevant training that allows them to not only develop their skills; but to enhance their capabilities to boost business performance. We offer our clients end to end L&D services which includes the following;
  1. TNI/TNA
  2. Content Designing
  3. Training Delivery
  4. Training Effectiveness Monitoring
Additionally we also offer a series of workshops and seminars that help employees across all grades to understand and get along better to be on the same page as far as organizational goals are concerned.

Academic Institutional Workshops

This is one of our highly specialized offering; workshops for academic institutions, because we believe we can offer you the most specialized and topics. We offer engaging workshops for both teachers and students. These workshops are designed to keep both teachers and students motivated, fully focused and often address the unaddressed. In the age of ever growing stress and distress among the young adults, these kind of interactive workshops often emerge as game changers and soul searchers. We understand that the students today require not only the excellent academic education which the schools provide them, but they equally need “Life Skills” if not more to sustain and emerge as winners in today’s competitive world. Our specialized workshops, helps and equips teachers also to offer their students a better improved and holistic learning environment and techniques. These techniques focus on both the betterment of the teacher and the students.   During our workshops for students, we offer motivational speakers, who deliver their success stories, tools and techniques to help get the students motivated and address their stress and fears. Our constant endeavor is to introduce them to new aspects of learning, equip them with the essential “Life Skills” and keep them updated with the rapidly changing and growing world environment.

Political Consulting

One of our extremely specialized offering is complete coverage of political consulting, which means we cater to three main aspects of your campaign:
  1. Strategic
  2. Operational
  3. Back-end Support
Our political consulting products are meant for :
  1. Candidates who are aspirants for a place in the political arena.
  2. Candidates who could not perform well in the recent elections and want to improve upon the same.
  3. Candidates who are the offspring of existing political leaders and aspire for a future role in the field.

Our bouquet of offering includes

  1. Image Management: we will cover the human capital development, where we will ensure that you have strong human ties with potential voters and influential individuals.
  2. Training and Development: This is the human capital development program, during which we will help your core team develop technical and tactical skills that will be useful on the ground.
  3. Campaign Designs: Here-in we will help you design your campaign, covering each and every aspect of the campaign.
  4. Campaign Implementation Support: Here our focus is to implement what has been decided at the strategic level taking into account various factors including the opponents.
  5. Social Media Management: Todays elections are fought at the perception level hence the importance of Social Media Management is immense, we ensure that you are positioned and remain relevant and among news in the public eye by creating the right approach. Thus you garner followers and interest in the Social Media.
  6. Local Media Management: To be successful it is vital that enough interest and creditability is generated at the local level, here we give you the right promotions and views to create interest and also to generate support.
  7. Post-Election Response and Feedback Monitoring: Once the elections are over we will give you a complete post-election response and feedback monitoring services. This will help you get your priorities in order thereby creating a better future for the people of India.
  8. Post Poll Voter Engagement Plans: To ensure that you always stay among the thoughts of the voters in your constituency it is important to have constant connection with the masses, we create the right kind of programs and grievance handling mechanism so as to ensure that all the problems of the average individual is addressed within the shortest possible time frame, giving you credibility.
  9. Ghost Writing: We also offer you well researched and constructed speeches which saves on your time and makes you come across as a well read and knowledgeable person to your audience.